Requested bids for squad maintenance to save tax dollars

Implemented a Paperless System for Sheriff Department

Reduction of budget in 2011 by $753,000.00

Reduced the 2012 overall budget by $303,000.00

Reduction of 5,254.75 hours of overtime from 2010 to 2011

2013 - Reduced overtime by 509 hours from 2012

Added a computer for Hubers to job search on-line

Supervisors in the jail cover posts to help reduce overtime

Went to a new more cost effective cell phone electronic monitoring bracelet

2011 was the safest year on Sauk County highways with only 4 traffic fatalities in the county - This is the lowest since the 1960s

Eliminated lids on liquid containers used by inmates which was a cost savings of $5000.00 per year

Raised the hiring standards for new employees in order to get better trained professionals working at the Sheriff's Department

Requested bids for Jail Health Care - saved $27,000 and county liability

We added a second K9 to our staff

We added Mach to all Sauk County squads, which is a tracking system to see who is closest squad for calls

We added Narcan to all squads

The Sheriff's Office case load have increased by 1,686 calls for service since 2010

The calls for service in Dispatch have increased by over 13,000 since 2010, from 65,361 to the current number of calls, 78,772

Bar Buddies Program - I sit on the Sauk Prairie Bar Buddies Board and I supported the Bar Buddies Program in the rural parts of Sauk County and helped to increase the coverage area. The program started in 2008 and is now county-wide. The Bar Buddies program helped to decrease OWIs in Sauk County From 455 in one year to 358 the next. Our alcohol-related accidents dropped by 25%

Programs added

I helped establish Project Lifesaver, a program for kids with autism and adults with alzheimers. Originally I hoped to have three to five participants but received 16. We currently have 32 clients and average 15 calls for lost individuals each year with 100% success rate in locating them within 30 minutes.

All standard operating procedures are online for immediate access

12-hour shifts for patrol, allowing more time off with families

VINE Program - allows victims to track their offenders whereabouts

Updated the 911 system to E911, which locates 911 callers

We have increased our enforcement on drug crimes by add two detectives to focus on the drug problems throughout the county. We have collaborated with surrounding agencies to increase the use of the Drug Task Force

We began documenting Vetarans with law enforcement contact and then notify the Veterans Office so they can offer assistance

We started offering workplace violence/active shooter training for private and public businesses, with Sauk County Emergency Management

In 2014 we started a mentoring program for new employees

We hired a full-time Mental Health Specialist in the Jail with Dept of Human Services

The Huber Release program has provided over $100,000 of inmate labor to non-profit organizations in the county.