I am the Most Qualified Candidate Because:

• I understand the budget and work with the finance committee to ensure the public gets the most services for their tax dollars.

• I am dedicated to utilizing new technology to help the Sheriff’s Department become more energy efficient and use fewer resources.

• I have worked at the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department for 34 years. I started out in an entry level position and have been promoted six times by four different Sheriffs ultimately elected Sheriff in 2010, and then re-elected in 2014.

• I am involved in budget development.

• I oversee various programs aimed at assisting our seniors throughout the county, such as TRIAD which assists the elderly with health-related issues, crime prevention and senior wellness programs.

• I am on the Board of Directors for Wisconsin Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s Association which “is a professionally-oriented association dedicated to serving the officers of sheriff and its deputies/jail officers through training.”

• I am a graduate of the Certified Public Managers course and I currently sit on its policy board which “is a nationally-accredited management development certificate program specifically for managers in federal, state and local government and in tribal and non-profit organizations.”

• I am a former chairman of the Sauk County Highway Safety Committee, which is made up of Judges, District Attorney’s, DOT Officials and representatives from Police, Fire and EMS throughout Sauk County, which develop plans to make our highways safe in Sauk County.

• I attend meetings with Sauk County Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services to discuss issues related to the Communications Center to continuously try to improve the response services they provide to their communities.

• I am a certified Hunter’s Safety Instructor, a program which teaches our youth how to hunt safely.

• I have worked with local non-profits and communities throughout Sauk County to utilize Huber inmates to assist with the needs of the non-profits.

• I am endorsed by the other 71 Sheriffs in the State of Wisconsin.